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Annamalai, and Ashok, have been best friends since childhood. Annamalai is a milkman while Ashok is the only son of a rich businessman. When Ashok falls in love with Geetha, a poor girl, his father is naturally against the wedding. But Annamalai holds the wedding and earns his ire. Plotting to drive a wedge between his son and Annamalai, the businessman hints that he would like to build a hotel on Annamalais land. Annamalai gives the land to Ashok without even accepting money for it but when Ashoks father later talks about bringing down his house, he slaps Ashoks father in anger. Ashok orders Annamalais house to be bulldozed to the ground which drives Annamalai to challenge that he would become a bigger and more successful hotelier than Ashok. Annamalai, with all his hardwork and honesty becomes the biggest business men in the city. Annamalais daughter and Ashoks son study in the same college and they fall in love which Annamalai is against because of the hatred that he has on Ashok. During an auction, Annamalai tricks Ashok to buy a land for 12 crores which not worth more than...?
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